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Parenting: Helping young dads to challenge stereotypes

7th November 2023
They're often seen as "dangerous, feckless and disinterested", but one charity's trying to change that.

One in 10 mothers with under-fours quit work over childcare, says charity

6th November 2023
A quarter of a million mothers with children under four have left their jobs, the Fawcett Society says.

The farm at an inner city Birmingham school

6th November 2023
Collecting the eggs and tending to goats are part of an average day for Handsworth primary pupils.

CBeebies' Rebecca Keatley to see other side of screen with baby due

4th November 2023
Rebecca Keatley is seeing her work in a new light as she prepares to become a parent this winter.

Poorer children could get school choice priority

4th November 2023
The plans aim to balance out the percentage of pupils on free school meals in secondary schools.

University graduates may be better off staying in Wales, company says

3rd November 2023
Lower wages may be offset by lower living costs, says firm trying to halt brain drain to London.

Bedford students given £3.6k to help with university costs

3rd November 2023
University student Kezia-Rose says £3.6K from the Bedford-based Harpur Trust has helped them.

I'll still be paying my student loan off at 60

2nd November 2023
Scottish graduates are seeing their student loan debt rising at a rate of 6.25% a year.

Stephen Hawking's daughter gives keynote speech at school

2nd November 2023
Lucy Hawking gives a speech to pupils in Cambridge on creating a better world for the future.

Northern Ireland teacher pay: No extra money for rise, says department

2nd November 2023
NI teachers have not had a pay rise in nearly three years and get less than their UK counterparts.

Miscarriages led to years of loneliness for mum before baby

2nd November 2023
Hawys Barrett says she waited "month by month" for fertility treatment to work before having a son.

Bereaved families welcome move to block suicide forum

1st November 2023
Bereaved families had asked internet providers to block the forum, following a BBC investigation.

Scottish school strikes go ahead in pay dispute

1st November 2023
Council staff in four areas across Scotland walk out in pursuit of a better pay offer.

St Ives teachers to strike over 'heavy handed' policies

1st November 2023
Union reps say 'draconian' behaviour rules undermine teachers' authority.

Cornell University student held over threats to Jewish classmates

1st November 2023
Comments posted online had threatened to shoot Jewish students a the prestigious university.

'Most of our friends use AI in schoolwork'

31st October 2023
BBC Young Reporters Theo and Ben look at how teenagers use AI like ChatGPT to spruce up their schoolwork.

Cornell University boosts security after antisemitic threats

30th October 2023
The FBI has been alerted over online posts that used slurs about Jewish students at the New York college.

Malmesbury Primary School may have to turn down £6m donation

30th October 2023
Sir James Dyson says he has "battled" to be able to give the money to the school.

Raac: Durham school pupils return to face-to-face teaching

30th October 2023
Since September, St Leonards' pupils have mixed online learning with some days at school.

Kenya's school floggings: The children suffering from a hidden epidemic

30th October 2023
BBC Africa Eye investigates an increase in severe and sometimes deadly beatings at Kenyan schools.


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