Submitted by Stephen Morris on 2012-09-11
South Yorkshire

iPods and traditional educational tools can be a bit of a balancing act

More than 1000 students at Rotherham’s Oakwood School in South Yorkshire are being given brand new iPod Touches.

This technology is recognised as a way to allow pupils to access the internet for research without the need to book computer rooms or be in a classroom.

The scheme is being rolled out over a year to ensure that funding is available and students are given appropriate training on using their iPod and keeping it safe, the school said.

Creative thinking

David Naisbitt, headteacher at Oakwood School, emphasises that it is not about replacing existing or traditional educational tools, but a case of adding to the the more traditional educational tools such as books, pens and paper.

Children still need to sit exams and they still need to think, read, write, communicate and listen to each other. This is about adding to existing facilities, not replacing them.By providing pupils with access to new technology, Rotherham’s Oakwood School are showing support for new technologies in education and how they can support innovative thinking.